Platinum (Savage)

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Nicole’s Nailcode 3D pixies add the final touches to nails to ensure the confidence to shine on.


  • Each package contains about 1440 pieces
  • Size: 1.1mm
  • Material: Glass

Step-by-step Product Instructions

Step 1:
Apply desired amount of base coat of nail polish/powder and let dry and apply the top coat

Step 2:
Pour pixies over the wet top coat. (Nicole’s Tip: Place a container under the nail as you pour the pixies on top of the nail. This will allow you to catch the loose pixies as they fall and save for future use.)

Step 3:
Gently press and compact the pixie into the wet top coat and brush off excess into the extra container. Ensure you clean the edges of the nail and let it dry.

Step 4:
Apply top coat to seal for longer wear.


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