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We may be a “nail supply” brand, but during this COVID-19 crisis, we believe it is our social responsibility to provide EVERYONE with a high quality face mask at an affordable cost. 

We may be a “nail supply” brand, but during this COVID-19 crisis, we believe it is our social responsibility to provide EVERYONE with a high quality face mask at an affordable cost. 

Your masks will arrive within 2-3 days of placing your orders.


Nicole’s Nailcode is a product of integrity. It honorably exudes the values of honesty, creativity and high quality.  Success is at your fingertips with Nicole’s Nailcode.  Put a winning formula on the hands of your clients and they will be loyal to you forever.  Nicole’s Nailcode assembles the desirable qualities of durability, style, and vibrance all at a low price.  

Unlock the Confidence Code and unleash your potential. 



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The build up to the beginning of Nicole’s Nailcode involved a nail supply store run with my older sister who was studying to become a nail technician and start her own venture. Upon entering the supply store, and throughout our shopping experience, we did not feel welcomed nor were we assisted in our search (I am sure you been in that place before. If not, trust me it is not a fun place to be in!)

The limited availability of products dampened my sister’s enthusiasm for what was supposed to be a special time for her and I to bond and feed our nail business ambitions.  The uneasiness that crept in and settled at the pit of my stomach manifested from of lack of regard the company had for fulfilling our commercial and social needs as a customer.

This moment that I shared with my sister violated our Code that revolves around high customer service through consistent on time order fulfillment of high quality, high value, and high fashion products. 

This moment of clarity gave me the confidence to move from complaining about the source to becoming the source.  The source for providing enterprising nail tech’s like my sister nail products that are the best quality along with great customer service.

Ashley Nicole, Founder


Nicole’s Nailcode is more than a nail supply company – it is a company of resources and support for all nail technicians. We help women feel confident. Our product is comprised of the essential ingredients of boastfulness, professionalism, style, inspiration, and a touch of ambition. It’s a vibe.  It represents the love of self, and the passionate desire to serve others.



We are taking applications to be apart of our Nailcode Confidants! Be in the know of what is trendy, what’s in and new! You will get all the resources and support you would need in this exclusive community here including first access to our partners master classes and promotional product!


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